Digital - friend or foe?


As print newspaper sales and associated ad revenues inexorably decline in much of the west, the media industry has for some years put its hope for the future in digital. While Pew Research Center reassures us that in the U.S. 93% of adults get news online, that the space has ...

Vice on View


First a youth-focused print magazine and website, majoring on arts, culture, and news topics, then a media conglomerate with divisions including a film production company, record label, and publishing imprint. Now, Vice Media is really upping the ante - following the February launch of two Viceland-branded cable ...

Is Blendle the iTunes of news?


Dutch journalism startup and news aggregator Blendle has been making quite a splash with over 140,000 subscribers in its first six months of operations.

It offers content from a range of Dutch and English-speaking publishers to users who pay by the article rather than buy the whole paper online. The company says ...

Buzzfeed is game for news


Internet news media company Buzzfeed, not content with bringing us "the hottest, most social content on the web" since 2006 is apparently getting into the games business. And news could be one of its regular subjects.

While a process of recruiting game developers is said to be underway, Buzzfeed has been heading ...

Guardian Australia breaks new visual ground


The Guardian, the world's third most read newspaper website, today launched its new digital edition Guardian Australia.

Promising "a fresh and independent view" (don't they all say that?) under the stewardship of Guardian Deputy Editor Katharine Viner, who now also wears the hat of Guardian Australia's ...

Hacking is here to stay


The financial news service Bloomberg has been making headlines, rather than reporting them in the last week, much to its embarrassment, over misuse of its $20,000-a-year terminals by reporters to spy on clients.

Goldman Sachs raised the alarm after a journalist in Hong Kong asked the bank about a partner's ...

Olympics unearths media goldmine


A billion pairs of eyes around the world saw the Olympic opening ceremony through the wonder of television - a picture of Britain that caused many jaws to drop in amazement. Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweeting from the Olympic Stadium during the ceremony was one of the key features of Danny Boyle's mescaline mash-up view of ...

How forums are changing the world


Most people, including myself, feel quite confident with the internet. Most of us can use all of the search functions on Google, access multiple email accounts from multiple devices, post photos to Facebook, constantly tweet smalls bits of our lives and engage in cheeky Ebay bidding wars.

But there are hidden ...

MacTaggart Lecture: Eric Schmidt


I finally got round to watching Google CEO Eric Schmidt's MacTaggart lecture on youtube. The annual lecture, in memory of the pioneering and innovative writer, producer and director James MacTaggart, is the showpiece of the Edinburgh International Television Festival with previous speakers including Jeremy Paxman, ...

Murdoch shows fear of Google


For a while it has felt like nothing could get in the way of News International. Even Vince the Cable couldn't stand in the way of the takeover of BSKYB. Miraculous forces seemed to step in by bugging him saying that he had "declared war" on Rupert Murdoch. The Empire once again seemed to find a way.

But ...

Andrew Marr joins the digital revolution


BBC Journalist Andrew Marr openly admits that he is "the last of the news romantics" but he recently posted:

"I am on the edge of replacing paper newspapers with electronic versions for my iPad and phone; of accepting that I hardly ever wait for a conventional news bulletin; and of actually reading full-length ...

Digital apartheid


All over the world a brand new divide is being created. Those who have access to the free flowing information of the World Wide Web and those who don’t. This is not what British Computer Scientist Tim Berners Lee had in mind when he gave the biggest money maker of all time away for free.

And ...

Thinking aloud


The digital revolution in which any interesting organization can generate their own content and stream it online should have been a boon for think tanks. But it’s been a while coming. When I worked in policy wonkery ten years ago, I would often listen to fascinating expert discussions on Kosovo, ...

The audience for news is growing


This is why the future of news is bright. People that never used to tune into the 10 o clock news are now automatically hit by important headlines when they log onto their email in the afternoon. The logistics have also been taken out of the operation as you can click on rather than go ...




With 120 million monthly uniques, Washington-based news website Vox is a powerful voice in the new media landscape

Newsweek - the second act


F. Scott Fitzgerald may have said there are no second acts in American lives, but he wasn't around to see American media scion

Yomiuri Shimbun


One of Japan's five national newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun is in fact the biggest selling in the world