Nytimes.com hits a million subscribers


Start spreading the news: the New York Times now has one million digital subscribers. In other words, four and a half years after it set up its metered paywall, a million people are paying to receive the New York Times online or on their mobile phones, rather than choosing to read the old fashioned paper ...

Fox cull


Former Alaska governor and Tea Party drum pounder Sarah Palin has enjoyed more than her 15 minutes in the media spotlight, thanks to a prolonged spell as a political contributor to Fox News on a rumoured million dollar a year contract.

This week she has been making news again as that relationship has now come ...

Philanthropy goes digital


The shooting rampage in Arizona has shaken Americans and prompted a national debate about heated political rhetoric in the news. Fox news and right wing radio stations have suddenly had the spotlight turned on them. A protest has already been staged against rightwing talk show host Glenn Beck calling for his immediate ...

Pusillanimous Palin


A new rule was confirmed this US election season: the more conservative and combative a candidate, the more unwilling they were to put themselves in front of an independent journalist. Why risk an unscripted situation, have your inconsistencies probed or face awkward questions about your past when you can guarantee ...

Christopher Hitchens scribbles about cancer


I remember watching Christopher Hitchens debate with his brother Peter in Conway Hall, London, when I first moved to the capital in my early twenties. I can't remember what they were debating but I remember a room full of names like Salmon Rushdie and Tony Benn who all seemed to be burbling with delight at the prospect ...

Rolling Stone has still got its mojo


US Magazine Rolling Stone has set the news agenda once again by running an explosive profile of America's senior commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal eventually leading to his dismissal. McChrystal and his army aides are reported making disparaging remarks about President Obama, his vice president Joe Biden and ...

American magazines


In recent years I’ve become an aficionado of American magazines - the New Yorker, The Atlantic, Harpers – and their long pieces of reportage. It’s odd that reportage has never taken off in the UK – perhaps because in the UK our news coverage is pretty entertaining and veers into features ...




With 120 million monthly uniques, Washington-based news website Vox is a powerful voice in the new media landscape

Newsweek - the second act


F. Scott Fitzgerald may have said there are no second acts in American lives, but he wasn't around to see American media scion

Yomiuri Shimbun


One of Japan's five national newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun is in fact the biggest selling in the world