What in the name of God is the BBC thinking?


In a scene reminiscent of the very best of on-the-money media and public sector sitcom W1A, the BBC this week announced it was “set to increase its coverage of religions after a year-long review found that people of all faiths were ‘often absent, poorly presented or satirised,’ ” according to The ...

Public accept BBC cuts


The British public may not be holding French style strikes about the Comprehensive Spending Review but there is still some backlash against raising the cap on tuition fees, cuts to child benefit and the slash and burn of many local authority jobs in parts of the country where there is no private sector.

But ...

The BBC and climate denial


It’s been a long-held belief in the US Conservative movement that the “mainstream media” – meaning the newspapers, the network broadcasters (in fact anyone outside the cable channels) are run by sneering liberal intellectuals who are determined to discredit conservatism.   The audiences ...

Michael Jackson


I found out about Michael Jackson's death in a way that I couldn't have done ten years ago - a news alert email from the New York Times quoting the AP confirmation. After deciding to wake the household, we huddled around the BBC 24 news coverage for an hour or so. If there was ever an example of Greg Dyke's description ...




With 120 million monthly uniques, Washington-based news website Vox is a powerful voice in the new media landscape

Newsweek - the second act


F. Scott Fitzgerald may have said there are no second acts in American lives, but he wasn't around to see American media scion

Yomiuri Shimbun


One of Japan's five national newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun is in fact the biggest selling in the world