Sky News faces an uncertain future in Disney deal


Walt Disney's deal to buy up most of 21st Century Fox's business for $52.4bn (£39bn) has cast a worrying shadow over the future of Sky News. Rupert Murdoch’s bid to buy up the 61% of the satellite broadcaster he did not already own had been referred to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which is ...

Al Jazeera USA to end


It began amidst much fanfare in 2013. But now, less than three years after its launch news emerges that Al-Jazeera America is to end. The news outlet which is owned by Qatar-based Al Jazeera will cease all operations by the end of April.

What went wrong?  It is true that the channel was prepared for ...

Essex gets an unlikely new PR man


Whether he's talking about food, architecture or travel, you can be sure former Times critic, writer and broadcaster Jonathan Meades will always have a barbed bon mot ready to entertain and sometimes enrage. Last night he was back on form and on TV for the first time in a while mounting a spirited defence of one of our ...

ITN News fights back


The appointment of Laura Kuenssberg as ITN's new business Editor shows that channel 3 (as I used to call it) is serious about making itself a respected national news outlet again. I can't remember exactly when but at some point ITN news became a bit of a joke - particularly when it couldn't even make its mind up about ...

Dying for the truth


Two journalists were killed every week in 2010 in a sustained effort to silence free reporting in many parts of the globe, reports the International News Safety Institute (INSI)

INSI recorded that 97 journalists were killed last year in 30 countries, of whom 85 were murdered. Most of the victims were not ...

Silly games


Eddie Mair quizzing John Hutton repeatedly on radio 4 about whether he was the Minister two years ago that said Gordon Brown would be a “disaster” as PM reminded me of a ridiculous children’s game. Once Eddie got the answer he wanted he was like the cat that got the cream. Is this what all those years ...




With 120 million monthly uniques, Washington-based news website Vox is a powerful voice in the new media landscape

Newsweek - the second act


F. Scott Fitzgerald may have said there are no second acts in American lives, but he wasn't around to see American media scion

Yomiuri Shimbun


One of Japan's five national newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun is in fact the biggest selling in the world