Election Gives Papers a lift


The latest ABC newspaper circulation figures show a slight lift in sales for the broadsheets during April, which commentators are putting down to interest in the General Election

The Guardian, Times, Independent and i all saw their circulation rise by about 0.7%, while the Telegraph was the best performer, increasing sales by 1.4%. The Mail Mail also fared comparatively well during April, increasing its sales by 0.29%, while The Sun stayed roughly the same and the Express, Star, Mirror and Daily Record all dipped a little.

Pundits will continue to debate whether the media coverage of the Election had any significant effect on voting - a Panelbase survery found 62% felt that TV was influential whilst around 11% found Facebook, Twitter or any other social media influential. A survey by 7stars conducted by Dipsticks to see what influenced young voters also found 62% claiming TV as the most influential, Facebook second at 14% and newspapers 13%.

It seems the jury is still out on how much of a sway Rupert Murdoch has on UK election results.


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