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CB Richard Ellis is one of the world's leading commercial real estate advisers, with over 300 offices in over fifty countries.

Apollo were approached by them less than a month before they were to launch a major report on the future of the online retail sector in Europe. They were due to present the report at a major conference, and needed it for an imminent media push, but felt that it still required a significant rewrite.After a verbal briefing we had, within three days, presented the research team with a rewritten draft. Using our writer team's experience in writing headlines for national newspapers, we had restructured it around short, pithy headings that made it far more digestible.

And, with our eye for a media story, we extracted a key message that had been obscured in the initial draft of the report: men are far more likely to shop online than women. Through our design experience, we were able to advise on how many words should be used per page, and suggest which of the key statistics should be represented visually through graphs and diagrams. Our input in making the report clear, well structured and jargon free, helped ensure that, when it was finally released to the media, it was picked up by the national print media. Our work was completed, from receiving a first draft that needed rewriting to delivering the final, agreed, proofed text, within a week.



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