Barrow Cadbury Trust

The Barrow Cadbury Trust is an independent, charitable foundation, committed to supporting vulnerable and marginalised people in society.The Trust provides grants to grassroots voluntary and community groups working in deprived communities in Britain and abroad. It also works with researchers, think tanks and government, often in partnership with other grant-makers, seeking to overcome the structural barriers to a more just and equal society.

Apollo has provided communications support for the Barrow Cadbury Trust over the last few years. This includes working as writers for the BCT’s Commission on Young Adults and Criminal Justice  – a major policy report drawing attention to the fact that many young adults fall through the gapbetween the jvenile and adult justice system.   We rewrote drafts to ensure that it would be readable and jargon-free for journalists and interested readers – whilst retaining credibility among an elite policy audience. 

We have also written case studies on the work the Trust funds on the ground – interviewing voluntary groups throughout the Midlands and the people that they have helped. These have covered a wide variety of subject areas - from support for asylum seekers to encouraging young people to turn away from gangs.

We have written annual reports, produced a review of Barrow Cadbury’s work during the last decade – a project during which we used our journalism skills to interview trustees from the Cadbury family about their memories ofthe philanthropic work of their parents and grandparents. Our work with BCT has shown our ability to combine human interest colour with a thorough understanding public policy issues in a lively, interesting way.   We haveinjected some of the vital spirit of the people that they help into their communications– whilst also messaging the key and complex legislative changes for which they are campaigning.




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