KCRW Left, Right and Center Podcast


KCRW discusses ideas rather than personalities

Left, Right and Center is a weekly half hour of public radio coming out of Los Angeles which does what it says on the tin, Tony Blankley, columnist on the Washington Times and former staffer for Newt Gingrich, Matt Miller,senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, web guru Arianna Huffington and the gruff sixties Lefty Robert Scheer, represent all stripes of US political opinion. It claims to be an “antidote to the screamingtalking heads that dominate political debate” in the US. Its strength is that you can hear proper US policy debates thrashed out. It is one of the rare pieces of media that doesn’t see politics as a horserace – but a realm of opposing ideas. Their differing prescriptions for health care reform in recent episodes have been fascinating.


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