We help organisations think beyond the default options of issuing a press release or holding a press conference, which can often struggle to be heard against the torrent of competing news events and announcements.

To ensure that a story holds the attention of the correspondents you want to know about it requires more effort.  It requires relationships that have been built up over time and content that has been ‘packaged’ with a particular journalist in mind. We have, for instance, organised elite breakfast briefings with a few selected journalists, conference calls with chief executives, or taken journalists on trips to report on projects from Finland to the Middle East to Africa. We’re confident that we know the right steps that will give the best chances of success.

Apollo is a trusted guardian of the Global Teacher Prize. They have done an astonishing job in building the global brand of the prize from its conception. They're tireless, highly creative and have been proved right on their judgement calls

Vikas Pota

Chairman of the Varkey Foundation

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