Breon Finch / Account Manager

Breon has built a wide-ranging career while working for senior politicians and think-tanks.

Breon has built a wide-ranging career working in Westminster, Whitehall, and further afield, for senior politicians and think-tanks, advising on their strategic communications, research and developing innovative strategies to deliver on their campaign objectives.
Before joining Apollo, Breon was a consultant in the international public relations department for a communications firm that specialises in acute crisis and reputation management. He has worked on global and intergovernmental programmes for clients including governments and high-profile, politically exposed persons in Europe and Africa.
Prior to this, he worked in both British Houses of Parliament for several distinguished politicians, producing briefings and articles on complex issues. He then led on developing and delivering strategic campaigns to further their profile and their political objectives amongst key stakeholders, including the highest level of Government and the public.
Following his graduation in Global Politics and International Relations, Breon went on to read a postgraduate in International Business. His interests include diplomatic affairs, health and education policy, politics and international business.

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