Pallab Sarker / Founding Director

Pallab has built Apollo’s roster of clients in Government promotion, education and technology.

Pallab co-founded Apollo in 2010 after growing dissatisfied with the quality of service offered by many large PR agencies. Too often, when hiring PR agencies himself, he found that the important work was handed down to inexperienced staff, and that those working in PR lacked crucial journalist knowledge. He developed a vision of an international PR agency staffed by genuine experts in the media – all with high level experience in journalism or PR – that would be focused on solving clients’ problems.

Pallab built Apollo’s roster of clients in education, outsourcing, government promotion and technology. Five years ago, he began working with the Varkey Foundation educational charity. Here, he developed the communications strategy behind the one-million-dollar Global Teacher Prize, which has gone on to capture the world’s attention with vast coverage throughout the world.

Before establishing Apollo, Pallab worked with some of the UK Government’s most high-profile Ministers. He led media handling on the Government’s promotion of the strength of the London transport network ahead of the UK’s successful 2012 Olympic bid, and promoted the UK as a trade and investment destination across Europe, Asia and North America.

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