Business Process Outsourcing

From customer service to tech, animation and even waste recycling, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is now a booming, global $150bn industry.

In previous decades, certain countries dominated the sector, but now emerging markets are taking a larger share of the industry, meaning more competition across the world. As a result, every company involved in BPO needs the right type of media coverage (and often also government promotion) to generate new business.

BPO companies face special challenges in marketing themselves, often remaining misunderstood and sometimes politically controversial. Although BPO businesses provide many benefits to their clients, such as increased corporate flexibility, efficiency and specialised knowledge, these positive messages sometimes get lost when media coverage is not framed in the right way.

Apollo can help you navigate challenging issues that might be impacting the public’s perception of your business. Various factors we’ve handled in the past range from issues around changing the customer experience, to ensuring stakeholders feel their data security is safeguarded via proactive media campaigns, to navigating adverse media exposure when a BPO company’s business strategy is in conflict with a government’s current political objectives.

In short media exposure for BPOs requires a grasp of how to achieve diverse aims and frame the issues in a fair way, favourable to you. At Apollo we have that experience, and we will help you develop a way to communicate the value of your business offer, finding avenues to get your company into the public domain and recognised by the right people.

Apollo are responsive to our requirements and have done well to get us coverage in our target media

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