Widely seen as being the key to a whole host of public goods, the education sector is now at the centre of most public, social and economic policy

Perhaps because of this prominence and interconnectedness, education debates as a whole can be highly charged politically. This means that organisations need to be careful in how they interact and engage with other agents within the sector. CEOs of education groups and NGOs trying to further their development goals need to be able to navigate international debates on education policy, praxis and finance – and promote their organisations in a way that is sensitive to the different policy initiatives of governments in the regions where they operate.

The interconnected nature of education means that it is also a way into other policy debates on tech issues, government, business and industry. This means that media space for education is becoming more crowded, especially in a news media currently dominated by geopolitical concerns. Education organisations therefore need fresh and interesting stories to communicate in order to cut through.

Apollo has extensive experience of working with education groups and foundations in many parts of the world, and understands how to help you negotiate a field that can be controversial. We can help you to isolate and develop an education narrative that will give your organisation maximise exposure and open media channels in the areas that you need – so get in touch to find out more.

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