International Conferences

Our aim is to give your conference the sort of coordinated, worldwide media attention that characterises these high-profile events.

Conferences can become highly newsworthy if influential intellectual content is created and shaped, or if high-profile speakers or awardees choose to attend.

By tapping into our global media network, we can attract the sector’s top journalists to your event. If your conference has a specific niche focus, we can align your theme to a wider debate, connecting you with media outlets outside your normal reach. Over time, the more exposure a conference gains, the more likely it is to create a snowball effect, attracting high-profile attendees and speakers. A big announcement at a conference – a major government policy initiative, a new piece of social entrepreneurship, or a new piece of research – can help the event’s profile in a major way. Event media can also be intertwined with wider policy pieces that connect with your organisation’s objectives or thought leadership.

Apollo can help shape your conference from the ground up so that it generates maximum media attention. We have a significant international reach and extensive experience in publicising global events, prizes and competitions.

Apollo are tireless, highly creative and have been proved right on all of their judgement calls

Sunny Varkey

Founder of the Varkey Foundation & Global Teacher Prize

Apollo can help you with your media relations