International Prizes

If you’re launching a major prize or competition internationally, the right PR approach is crucial in getting the attention it needs to flourish from the beginning.

In today’s media landscape, the profile and public image of a prize is often fixed in the first few years of its existence so it is crucial to frame the event in the right way from an early stage.

Apollo has worked on a number of major international prizes that have gone on to flourish globally. Although it seems like a challenge, it is possible to eventually have your prize talked about with the same recognition as some of the world’s most elite prizes. We can help you develop a narrative that will make your award stand out among the crowd, tailor your story to local markets for maximum impact, connect its subject to policy matters of worldwide concern, and build an emotional connection to the prize globally.

Through securing coverage in the world’s elite media we can push your brand towards top rankings in Google searches and launch it into trending topics on social media. It is also important to have your nominees and finalists talked about in media outside the sector of the prize. We therefore put a real focus on targeting TV and radio talk shows, celebrity media, women’s media and other media that can help your prize break through into the public consciousness.

Apollo also ensures your prize is prominent in the world’s media – english speaking and non English speaking – from Le Monde in France to Xinhua in China. Through targeting elite media in different markets we ensure your prize has all important global branding from the very beginning.

Apollo is a trusted guardian of the Global Teacher Prize. They have done an astonishing job in building the global brand of the prize from its conception.

Sunny Varkey

Founder of the Varkey Foundation & Global Teacher Prize

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