The Arts

The arts sector is in a period of accelerated change. Self-publishing and an increasing volume of books published each year indicate the democratisation of the arts is fully upon us.

Publishers, prize committees, foundations, cultural institutions, museums, galleries and film producers all need to maximise their exposure to survive and thrive in today’s radically altered market. At the same time, specialised arts coverage is diminishing, being absorbed into mainstream features and taking on a more popular tone with a celebrity focus. Review pages and dedicated arts correspondents are now thinner on the ground, while attention spans are also shorter.

This all poses much more of a challenge for arts offerings – and it requires a more subtle and integrated approach to gain exposure, involving other key media areas. And for less mainstream projects, you need to be connected to media channels that will not dismiss your feature because it is ‘outside the box’. At Apollo we know how to cultivate attention for arts programmes, prizes, and major new releases, due to long-standing contacts in a huge variety of publications, both in the UK and worldwide. We also know how to connect your programme or publication to wider debates and interest on currents affairs issues across the spectrum.

Apollo were there every step of the way to support and advise me when I faced the glare of the world’s media spotlight. Their great media contacts, ear for messaging, expertise and creativity gave me a powerful platform to make the case for arts in education

Andria Zafirakou

Winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2018

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