Monitoring, analysis and audits

We believe data and metrics are fundamental to build an effective plan that delivers on your objectives and desired results.  We can tell you how you compare with your competitors – benchmarking your media presence against the rest of the sector.

Our media relations team monitor how press releases, interviews and features are being reported, and how your target audiences are receiving your news. We brief you daily with bespoke reports, going beyond simple positive, neutral or negative coverage statistics, whilst our deep dive audits will reveal whether you’re actually moving the dial.

Meanwhile, our digital communications team prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of online communications technology and channels, knowing that what worked yesterday may not influence your audience tomorrow. Their monitoring reports and bespoke audits help make sense of your online presence – from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Linkedin, always factoring in current digital trends, algorithms, and more. All this will give you the power to consistently position your message and brand in the most effective way

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Nicola Stopforth


Apollo can help you with your monitoring, analysis and audits