British Columbia

We work with British Columbia’s trade and investment arm to promote the district’s business advantages in key international and trade media publications.

Strategically located at the commercial crossroads between the Asia-Pacific region and North America, British Columbia is Canada’s Pacific Rim province. Companies in British Columbia benefit from low taxes, competitive operating costs, stable labour conditions, and an exceptional multicultural work force that is well educated, highly skilled, and productive.

We have helped publicise several trade missions of BC companies to the UK and Europe. Recently we helped promote a delegation of animation companies  in London and Manchester, meeting some of the UK’s top broadcasters including BBC, Channel 5, ITV, Disney, Nickelodeon and Turner.

The delegation was looking to capitalise on opportunities in the UK, enhanced by the recent tax credit for animation.

We were delighted with the outstanding work Apollo did for us to promote an animation mission from British Columbia. They really knew their stuff and achieved excellent coverage

Susan Haird

Former European Trade and Investment Representative for British Columbia.

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