The Reading Room

Wake Up to Money

If you want a no nonsense approach to business news then radio 5 live’s Wake Up to Money is the answer. It’s quick and breezy approach skims across a whole range of stories covering all the key facts whilst getting across both sides of the argument. Its two main presenters hold the key to this. Mickey Clarke is very much the bruiser type barrow boy, often on the side of big business and likes taking a dig at Government over the price of fuel duty or corporation tax. On the other side of the coin is the mild mannered Andrew Verity who never shies away from carefully and politely prodding his guest to take a longer term view of the country. However, the real jewel in the crown is David Buick from BCG partners who is more like a third presenter as he is the ever present guest. It is knowing his gravelly voice could pop up at any moment to add some wise words to the proceedings which makes the show seem like an old friend. But most of all, I like Buick because he has reached a certain age where he just speaks his mind. You can sometimes hear the distain he has for the other two presenters but out of sheer duty still gets up to join the crew at 05:30 in the morning (I actually listen to the podcast in the Gym late at night). At the end of 30 minutes, you will have a good basic grasp of the key issues, whether it is the car scrappage scheme or banker’s bonuses or the pre budget report. The show has been going for so long it seems they have just about nailed the balance of pace, chemistry and factual analysis.

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