GEMS Education

GEMS Education is the world's leading education company. It operates or manages 70 schools in 14 different countries and has the privilege of teaching over 140,000 students across the world from over 153 nationalities.

With over 14,000 teachers, leaders and education specialists from more than 80 countries, the GEMS Education team is a global group of diverse, talented and passionate educators. 

GEMS Schools are also shaped by its network of world-renowned educators, experts in education reform and globally-respected teaching specialists. From former headteachers of prestigious establishments (including Eton and Harrow), to former education ministers and OFSTED chief inspectors; their international network of advisors provide invaluable support and guidance in all areas of school life. They help us ensure world class standards of education for GEMS students and share the best and latest educational practices from around the world.

GEMS Education has appointed Apollo as its global PR agency.

"Apollo's contacts and knowledge of the world's elite media titles are really impressive. They helped deliver positive coverage for us in publications such as the FT, the Guardian and the Global New York Times in a very short time scale. In our experience their work rate, commitment and delivery far exceeds the industry standard."

Richard Forbes

Director of Corporate Communications, GEMS Education


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