Energy and Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time, and a wide variety of organisations have a stake in the debate.

From governments implementing or negotiating legislation, to industry players involved in innovation and campaigners seeking to influence policy. The stakes are high, which means groups involved in environmental work need to present their message persuasively and accessibly in order to influence public opinion, frame the debate and ultimately change policy.

Indirectly there are great opportunities for many organisations to frame their work through reference to connected environmental issues. These can capture the imagination of the public and can be communicated particularly well in modern media channels, given the real-world impact of environmental stories and their suitability for vivid graphical presentation. The potential for global media reach is significant.

Some environmental debates also have the potential to be highly divisive and partisan. Not only can this make it more challenging to get your message across – it also requires the ability to navigate complex policy issues and understand their real-world political consequences in order to avoid an unpredictable outcome.

The PR challenges are therefore complex and require experience and expertise to navigate. Apollo is well placed to help you get your message across and avoid the pitfalls of a highly charged area of policy debate. We aim to place you in media that is influential at the highest levels, and we deploy our global network to ensure that you are having the widest possible exposure.

The response to our two thirds of a page article in the FT was instant. Our key clients gave immediate and positive feedback, our bank was impressed and we were contacted by potential new international customers needing our environmental advice. We will certainly be working again with Apollo

Alan Ryder

CEO of RSK Group

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